Great taste that's sustainably baked!

What’s so special about our bread? Every bite is bursting with flavorful, nutrient-dense ingredients sourced from farmers who adhere to strict USDA Organic farming methods—and who settle for nothing but the very best.
We hold ourselves to high standards as well, incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout our baking process and giving back to the communities we serve. So whether you’re having a craving, creating a special recipe, or enjoying an everyday favorite, we’ve got a slice you and your family will love. It’s a difference you can taste, because we believe that when we take care of the earth, our bread is the best it can be.

ORGANIC Ingredients

Our organic ingredients are grown in a way that helps make the soil richer and promotes bio-diversity.


Today, 380 of our bread delivery trucks use alternative fuels that release 60%-70% less smog.


30,000 lbs. of plastic cut in the last year by reducing our bags’ thickness, equaling 
2 million bags saved.

Giving back

We support environmental causes through 1% For the Planet.

Renewable Resources

We have invested in a wind farm in Santa Rita, TX, to power all of our bakeries.

Baked with wind energy!

Organic & Non‑GMO Varieties

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